Flooring-We can remove replace, repair and install from all types of hardwoods, tiles, vinyl, cork, marbles, concrete, carpet and more.


We can paint, primer, designs, faux, fou-painting. We can also remove wallpaper, hang wallpaper or prep for paint. We can do outside/inside from trim, walls, ceiling, cabinets and more. We are lead-paint certified.


We can add any type of trim work to enhance your property, from crown molding, shadow boxing, picture framing, to cabinets.


We can frame your shed, deck, and addition etc. for all you needs.


We can manage the whole process, leaving you no worries or stress from hiring or managing multiple contractors or making sure everything fits.


We can safely remove, clean and protect your property from further damage. We are lead-certified to remove things that may have lead.

Kitchen Remodel

We can demo, start from scratch or just make some changes per your kitchen needs.

Bathroom Remodel

We can demo, re-design and finish any bathroom that you may dream of. We install wet-beds, shower seats, grab bars, ADA products and more.


We can remove, repair and install any type of roofs that you may request, from shingles, slates, tar, metal and more.


We can fix, repair or run new supplies, drains and stocks for kitchens, bathrooms, bars, and more.


We can trace your electrical problems, run new wires, add additional outlets, recessed light, fixtures, ceiling fans, speakers, intercoms, door bells, cables, phones, cat5/cat6 wires and more. We can up-grade your service lines and breaker panel from 100amp to 200amp.


We can refinish stucco, concrete, siding, wood panel, veneer stones, brick and more.

Home Systems

We can repair, modify or install any home entertainment system, in-wall speakers, mounting flat screen tvs, hiding wires behind walls, CAT5/Cat6 wires and etc.


We can maintain, design, hardscape, clean-up, snow removal and more

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